How to: Help a Cause You Believe in, in 5 Minutes a Day

Written by admin at 10:14:am on 29th April, 2010

As you are believer of some noble cause and yet have not enough understanding how to promote it, then in such a scenario you can take assistance and help from Social Media as to promote your cause and idea. You can begin promotion of your cause by painting a picture about your cause and then can further propagate it on various social media sites.

Social media sites provide a vast audience as to be utilizing not only for funding but also for the purpose of generating awareness to the cause. The first step for promoting your cause on social media sites is to create accounts of all the prominent social media sites like Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, Linkedin and on Youtube promoting your cause. If you are promoting the cause of any orgnization then you can create accounts under the name of the organization.

The next step for using social media as to promote your nonprofit cause is to create an impressive and useful graphics as for being utilized and bring about some proper and useful result with perspective of promoting your cause. The step after creating graphics is to search people on sites like,, and Twitter’s search functions. For other sites like Facebook, their respective methods to search out people can be utilized. After initial social media step now it is the most important tasks of communicating with the people on various social media sites. Follow at least a few dozen people a day to create out your following.

Along with following people ask them to tweet or wall about your organization or cause and plea them to carry away your cause to further on and never hesitate to ask them for help. As you can search out popular people in or around your location and tell them about a fund raising event and ask them to aid by the convenient manner and way they prefer.

Now the most important task is to give an update to your social media site several times a day. As many times you are organizing a meeting or fund raising event, all members connected to you on various social media sites should be informed by you. Along with you should also keep updating people about advanced activities and updates simultaneously.

More, if you require volunteers for your organization for an upcoming event, Social media is a great way to relive you out of that worry in a great manner and perspective. For charitable organizations, that has not that many expenses for promotion can be helped by Social Media sites in a great manner. And in the last keep sharing your articles on Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, etc.

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