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One of the most fulfilling things you can do in life is work for a nonprofit. Nonprofit organizations work toward different causes, usually helping people and providing vital services. Even though they are nonprofit organizations, though, the reality is that money is needed to make a difference. Nonprofits need the funds to buy supplies, pay people for their time (not everyone can afford to work for free), as well as make other purchases including services and utilities. Also, because nonprofits have funds coming in, it is important for those in charge of them to understand how to properly allocate funds and use the money wisely — or even invest some of it properly so that it provides income later.

Nonprofit management is an important part of any organization. Someone with good nonprofit management know-how can help fundraise, as well as market the nonprofit’s image to attract more donors. With that money, care has to be taken to ensure that the money is going to worthy goals. While some will go to administration and overhead, the bulk of it needs to go toward helping the nonprofit organization reach its goals. If you are interested in learning more about nonprofit management, here are 50 blogs that can help you better husband your nonprofit organization:

Nonprofit Marketing

Learn the basics of marketing in nonprofit circles. Great information on how to get your nonprofit out there, make connections and raise awareness of your cause.

  1. Beth’s Blog: This is all about social media marketing as it pertains to your networked nonprofit.
  2. Katya’s Non-Profit Marketing Blog: Learn more about better marketing when it comes to your non-profit.
  3. Getting Attention: Market your nonprofit with helpful hints from this blog — get the attention your cause deserves!
  4. RAD Blog: This consulting group offers examples of nonprofit marketing, and offers good pointers.
  5. Jayne Cravens: Looks at marketing, image management and other issues related to nonprofits.
  6. Internet Strategy for the Nonprofit Sector: Find out how you can use the Internet to build and market your nonprofit brand.
  7. Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog: This blog is all about nonprofit marketing and communications.
  8. Duck Call Blog: Marketing, branding and communications for nonprofits.
  9. Selfish Giving: A marketing blog aimed at helping nonprofits.
  10. The Accidental Marketer: Ideas and insights into marketing for nonprofits as well as small business.

General Nonprofit Management

A variety of subjects related to managing nonprofits.

  1. Helping Help: This blog is all about becoming a volunteer, and using your know-how to help others. Great ideas for use in nonprofit management.
  2. Engaging Volunteers: A great resource for helping you find volunteers, and learn how to be a great nonprofit to work with.
  3. askCHARITY: Learn more about nonprofits, charity management, communication and more from a U.K. perspective.
  4. Charitable Advisors: Learn more about running a nonprofit, and get some great ideas.
  5. DJ Cronin: Musings on volunteer management that your nonprofit can put to use.
  6. HandsOn Blog: Great information on nonprofit management, being a leader, and managing volunteers.
  7. Footnotes: This blog from IssueLab offers some great insight into nonprofits.
  8. JFFixler Group: Ideas, strategies and more on organizing volunteers and nonprofit management.
  9. Management4Volunteers Blog: Learn to manage your human capital with help from this blog.
  10. Nonprofit Leadership 601: Learn more about nonprofits, managing them and what makes a good nonprofit leader.
  11. What Do You Stand For?: Issues affecting nonprofit management.
  12. Nonprofit Charitable Orgs: Learn more about running nonprofits, and a host of management issues.
  13. Vivanista: Addresses various topics related to nonprofit management.


Nonprofit organizations need to raise funds for a number of costs. If you are interested in fundraising — as well as what to do after you have the money needed — these blogs can help. Aldo includes those blogs that focus on nonprofit investing.

  1. Future Fundraising Now: Helpful information on fundraising for nonprofits. Learn how to do it right.
  2. A Small Change: This inspiring fundraising blog offers insights on raising money for your nonprofit.
  3. Donor Power Blog: Overcome fundraising challenges with help from this practical blog.
  4. Pamela’s Grantwriting Blog: One of the main fundraising skills you need is the ability to write grants. This blog can help you out.
  5. The Fundraising Authority: Tips, ideas and more to improve your fundraising efforts.
  6. Wild Woman Fundraising: Ready to jump start your fundriaing? This “wild woman” can help.
  7. The Fundraising Coach: Learn more about fundraising, and get tips from a seasoned pro.
  8. Red Apple Auctions: Get ideas for using auctions as fundraisers. Especially aimed at educational nonprofits.
  9. Talisman Thinking Out Loud: A look at finding donors, and being a good steward of the money once you have it.
  10. The Collins Group Blog: These consultants offers some good insights on annual giving, donor advised funds and other tools.
  11. Step by Step Fundraising: Great ideas for fundraising, from a variety of experts.
  12. Kiva Chronicles: Learn about non-profit fundraising from the experts on microlending — Kiva experts.
  13. Grant Writing Confidential: Another great resource for those who need help with grant writing.
  14. Seeking Grant Money Today: Helpful hints for fundraising with grant money.
  15. The Agitator: Fundraising strategies that you can use to get ahead.

Social Entrepreneurship and Nonprofit Technology

Social media is a huge part of the marketing landscape these days, and that is true for nonprofit organizations as well. Social entrepreneurship blogs can help you learn how to launch your nonprofit on the web, as well as keep it in the public eye.

  1. Allison Fine: Learn more about social media, and how it can be used in your quest to do good.
  2. Amy Sample Ward’s Version of NPTech: Learn about using technology and social media to grow your nonprofit.
  3. Community Organizer 2.0: Great information, ideas, and strategies for using social media to organize your charitable community.
  4. NetSquared : Using the Internet and social media to give your nonprofit organization a boost.
  5. Osocio: Focuses on social media advertising and its place in nonprofit marketing. Includes great examples.
  6. Social Citizens: A look at the nonprofits, leadership, and what comes next when it comes to digital tools and social responsibility.
  7. Nonprofit Technology Network: Looks at technology, social media and how it affects nonprofits.
  8. The Epic Change Blog: Follow this interesting experiment in social entrepreneurship.
  9. Wild Apricot: Find out how technology tools can help you manage your nonprofit — even if you are small.
  10. Frogloop: This is a great blog from Care2, offering social media help.
  11. Spare Change: Using social marketing to get people motivated to do good.
  12. School for Social Entrepreneurs: Great resources for learning about using the social web, and turning social entrepreneurship into something “real”.
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