Online Master of Nonprofit Management Degrees

Managing a non-profit entity — whether it be a charitable organization, school, association, foundation, or endowment — will generally require at least a master's degree (MS, MBA, or MPA) in nonprofit management. The schools listed below all offer accredited online masters in nonprofit management degrees.

University of the Rockies

University of the Rockies offers a Master of Arts in Human Services with a Not-for-Profit Management specialization. This program equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary for managing a not-for-profit organization, including maintaining budgets, overseeing daily operations, and managing employees.

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New England College

Prepare for the competitive job market with an undergraduate degree from regionally accredited New England College. A private college rooted in a strong liberal arts foundation, NEC offers three undergraduate degrees 100% online.

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Marylhurst University

An MBA with a concentration in Nonprofit Management from Marylhurst University helps you develop confidence in your business leadership skills and build a strong foundation you’ll need to succeed in your career.

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A masters in nonprofit involves all sectors of working within a nonprofit agency. Nonprofit agencies might generate revenue in some cases, but the profit cannot be used to paid employees. There are nonprofit hospitals, churches, education organizations and institutions, welfare organizations and charities. Government funding availability plays a large role in salary and the hiring outlook for nonprofit agencies. If you work for a nonprofit agency in any management position, the best move you can make is to make sure the agency brings in as much funding as you can. For some nonprofit agencies, this can result in bonuses for the management. In every case, you should have a passion for the cause you're raising money for. This might be education, research for a disease or organization. It's important you believe in the cause and work hard to raise money for that purpose. Working for a private nonprofit agency usually commands a higher wage than government nonprofit agencies.

The bulk of nonprofit agencies currently work with technology in a major way. Social networking has created a new facet for nonprofit agencies to explore and the most effective nonprofit managers know how to utilize this to make more money for a cause. It is crucial you know how to implement social networking strategies to raise awareness for your cause and also reach out to potential donors in your area. Nonprofit organizations now operate as a brand of sorts, if they're looking to raise money from donations.

Someone studying a masters in nonprofit may have a background in finance, social work or business. Studying for a masters in nonprofit, course work includes organizational development, strategic planning, fundraising, nonprofit finance, program evaluation, nonprofit law, ethics and volunteer management. In the past, most masters in nonprofit were obtained within other colleges such as management, social work or public administration. More and more nonprofit programs are popping up thanks to the growth in this field . An area seeing significant growth is the medical sector of nonprofit agencies. Those with pre-med work who do not end up going to medical school may want to explore a masters in nonprofit management as it can still lead to work in the medical community.

Types of Masters in Nonprofit Management Programs

Master of Nonprofit Organization (MNPO)

This masters degree focuses on all aspects of nonprofit management. It teaches you organizational skills, communication skills and how to reach out to people in the community for donations or promotions.

Master of Nonprofit Management (MNM)

This degree focuses on the same as above, with some additional training in management. In many cases, the course work is interchangeable with that for a MNPO. A master in non-profit management can lead to many different career paths.

A non-profit management program may also be called a master for not-for-profit leadership (MNPL), master for nonprofit studies (MNpS) and a master of philanthropic studies.

What kind of job can I have with a masters in nonprofit management?


All nonprofit agencies need a fundraiser to head up fundraising efforts. There are many positions within the fundraising sector of a nonprofit agency and someone with a masters in nonprofit management can take a head fundraising job after a few successful fundraisers. In this position it is essential you have stellar communication skills and feel comfortable talking to people from all walks of life. A fundraiser working with a nonprofit agency will encounter everyone from high paid executives to small business owners looking to sponsor a cause that's important to them.

Business manager

Like any business, a nonprofit agency need a manager to ensure the proper financial decisions are being made. A business manager for a nonprofit agency oversees the entire agency to make sure things are running smoothly and the proper regulations are being followed to keep the company under the umbrella of a nonprofit agency. Business managers for a nonprofit agency work a standard work week with some holiday and weekend work when a big event. Business managers also work on a business plan for the future of the organization.

Nonprofit executive director

A nonprofit executive director oversees a nonprofit agency and serves as the supervisor over all departments. An executive director works with others in the agency to organize the direction of the agency, see how money is being spent and what business moves will be made for the next year. Nonprofit executive directors typically work a regular work day, but can work overtime, holidays and weekends when a big event is coming up. To become a nonprofit executive director work experience with a nonprofit agency is needed. A masters in nonprofit management Nonprofit executive directors earn between $60,000 and $70,000.

Junior executive director

In this position you're reporting to the executive director, while taking on many of the same responsibilities. It is your job to motivate the agency and everyone within it, while helping the executive director and business manager's plans for the agency go through effectively. A junior executive director is a jack of all trades when it comes to their role within an agency. You may be thrown into different tasks daily. You should be comfortable working on a team, as well as leading that team. You should also be able to delegate roles to those who are capable. A junior executive director earns about $40,000 per year.

Nonprofit financial manager

Every nonprofit agency needs someone to oversee finances. Along with the business manager, a nonprofit financial manager will help the agency spend money wisely and keep track of funds being raises. A financial manager also works with the fundraiser to plan budgets for events. Nonprofit financial managers are one of the most in demand roles that is set for growth in the coming years. Changing tax laws and more stringent laws have created a need for financial managers to serve as permanent fixtures for a nonprofit agency.


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